Tokyo DisneySea is one of the most popular amusement park in Japan, located in Urayasu which is in Chiba Prefecture. This is why, Tokyo DisneySea is a crowded place. Every tourists or if not, almost of the tourists that visit Japan and even the locals, especially in Tokyo, include it on their itinerary.

To enjoy and maximaze your visit in Tokyo DisneySea, we are giving you 10 tips on how to spend the day:

10 Tips To Enjoy and Maximize Your Visit in Tokyo DisneySea

1. Book your park tickets ahead

Tip #1 is to book your park tickets ahead to prevent long lines at the ticket booths because even in weekdays, the volume of the visitors are still many. You can book your tickets on Tokyo DisneySea website or Klook website.

2. Bring water to stay hydrated

One tip is to bring water or any drink so that you can stay hydrated through out the day, especially when it’s summer or the weather is hot because for sure, it will be a long walk and long waiting time in almost all attraction’s lines. Although, there are drink stand inside the park, where you can buy drinks, we really suggest that you also bring your own, even it is just only one small bottle. You can also just bring water bottles because there are drinking fountains/stations scattered inside the park. Bringing water can save you time finding drink stand to buy.

3. Bring small snacks to eat

You can also bring your smalls snacks like sandwiches and chips so that you can eat while your waiting in lines and when you suddenly got hungry, you can eat something without falling in line on the food stands and restaurants. This is also to save time in walking and finding food stands to buy your food.

4. Apply Sunblock or Bring an Umbrella

One of the most important things to do before leaving at home is to apply sunblock or bring an umbrella, especially when it’s a hot day. This tip is to prevent sunburns when it’s too hot because even the lines on most of the attractions are outside and under the sun.

5. Search in Advance

Tokyo DisneySea - Raging Spirits

One of the ways to save time is searching Tokyo DisneySea in advance to know all the attractions and from that, you can have an idea what are the attractions are all about. By searching also, you will have an idea on what attractions you will go first and what attractions  you will go last. Here is our article of Tokyo DisneySea attractions:

6. Get Fastpass tickets

First thing to do when you are inside is to choose the first attraction with a fastpass ticket and get your first fastpass. For more information, see our FastPass Ticket post:

Below is an example of a fastpass ticket from Temple of the Crystal Skull attraction:

Tokyo Disney Sea - Temple of Crystal Skull

7. Don’t go on weekends, holidays and school breaks

Avoid scheduling Tokyo DisneySea on a weekend, holiday or school breaks on your itinerary because there are more visitors on this days. It is best to schedule it on a regular weekdays.

To see the list of the National Holidays in 2018 in Japan, please see this link:

Listed below are the major school breaks in Japan:

  • Summer vacation – End of July until the end of August
  • Winter vacation – December 25 until January 7
  • Spring vacation – Third week of March until the first week of April

8. Wear your most comfortable footwear

We strongly recommend that you wear your most comfortable shoes or footwear to avoid your feet aching. If you have chosen a wrong footwear, your feet might ache as you will walk for the whole day going to attractions by attractions.

9. Arrive Early

If you want to avoid long lines on the ticket counter (if you didn’t buy a ticket online yet), arrive at least one-hour before the parks open. If you are early, you can also get your first fast pass early. Being early, you can avoid the crowded train station going to Disney Resort.

10. Save your spot for FANTASMIC

Fantasmic is the main show Tokyo DisneySea which is held every night. It is a 20-minute show located in Mediterranean Harbor that features the Disney Characters. You should save your spot on this place an hour before it starts because you might not see this amazing show.

To check the everyday schedule of Fantasmic on Tokyo DisneySea, you can visit their schedule link: