They say that “Fall/Autumn is the season of eating“, so now we are giving the 5 best autumn food in Japan and we will call them “THE FLAVORS OF AUTUMN“.

Autumn is one of the most awaited season in Japan. It is the time when the weather becomes cooler and tree’s leaves change colors to red, yellow, orange and brown. Since, this year 2018, the Autumn season has officially started, we are giving the five (5) best autumn food in Japan that you should try to eat to complete your autumn experience.

Here are the 5 best autumn food in Japan that you should try:

1. Sanma (Pacific Saury)

The Pacific Saury or Sanma, in Japanese, is a kind of small fish.  Sanma is also known as the “Autumn Sword Fish” as it resembles the shape of a sword. Japanese like to best eat this in Autumn season. Sanma is best served in whole grilled with salt and a slice of lemon. It is fatty, shiny and tasty which makes you more hungry and make you more wanna try it.

Aside from grilled Sanma, other ways to enjoy this fish are fried Sanma, sushi Sanma, sashimi Sanma and many more.

2. Matsutake Mushrooms

Also known as the “King of Autumn Foods”, Matsutake Mushroom is one of the most famous mushroom in Japan during autumn season. It has a great aroma and rich taste which consists of a spiciness and it is healthy also. It grows in Asia, North America and Europe but according to our research, it is hard to find that is why, it is a bit pricey compared to other mushrooms. One of the simple dishes that you can make with this mushroom is “Matsutaka Mushroom Soup”.

3. Kaki (Persimmons)

Persimmon or Kaki, in Japanese, is the most popular fruit when autumn season starts in Japan. It is a sweet, looks like tomato, soft and orange in color fruit that you can see in the groceries or fruit stands during autumn. You can eat it when it’s fully dried or you can just eat it as is it.

4. Kuri (Chestnuts)

Aside from Persimmon, Chestnut, also known as Kuki in Japan, is one of the most fruit food in autumn as it has many trees in Japan. It is one of the most popular dessert theme. This fruit can be used to many dishes especially on sweets and tasty dishes.

Some of the chestnut dishes are Roast Chestnuts, Kurigohan, Kurimushi Yokan, etc.

5. Yakiimo (Sweet Potato)

If you want an Autumn snack, the roasted sweet potato or Yakiimo in Japanese, is the best one for you. When Autumn season starts, you can hear or see Yakiimo trucks or cart passing by with song and the sweet smell. If you wanna have a complete experience in autumn, try Yakiimo.


Let's all enjoy the season of Autumn by eating delicious food. Let's start and end autumn right. Now is the season to eat and relax.