According to Abe and its government, declaring a call for a new state emergency over the corona virus is not necessary despite the nationwide surge in the number of cases.

As Abe told told the reporters that they are carefully monitoring this surge in pandemic with a strong sense of tension. But they are not still in the situation to immediately declare a new state of emergency. Prime Minisiter Abe is seeking the public attention to take full precautions at all times against COVID-19. “We ask people to avoid the 3Cs and to refrain from speaking loudly.” The 3Cs refer to confined spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings. He also added that the capacity to test the people for the virus has not yet reached its full capacity despite ongoing surge in cases.

In the teleconference held with the governors of 8 prefectures, participants agreed that preventive measures in general should be strengthened most specially at eating and drinking establishments including those providing hospitality services. Nishimura also added that the industry would follow these strict guidelines for safety measures. He also said that the public should refrain from holding drinking parties involving huge crowd for the time being.

image source: Nikkei Asian Review