Year 2018 was the 40th Annual Adachi Firework Festival, 13,000 fireworks will illuminate the sky along the Arakawa River banks. Adachi Firework Festival will be the first firework festival to take place this year in Tokyo area. It will kick off the start of Summer Firework Festival all around Tokyo.

Nearest stations are

  1. Kita-senju Station ( 33 minutes Walk )
  2. Kosuge Station ( 27 minutes Walk )
  3. Gotanno Station ( 26 minutes Walk )
  4. Umejima Station ( 25 minutes Walk )

Arrive early and reserve a spot a day before the event, if you arrive exactly on the day of the event all the best spots to watch the display, surely be gone by afternoon.

Bring a picnic mat, umbrella and cold bottled water to beat the heat! Roads leading to Arakawa River Bank will be lined with various food stalls, so you don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Event Details

Venue: Arakawa Nishiaraibashi Park

Admission Fee: Free

Best Spots to View :

Arakawa Nishiarai Bridge Green Space

Nishiarai Bridge Green Space Riverside Field

Okawacho Doteshitatsu Park

We arrived at the Arakawa River banks around 5:30 PM which is 2 hours earlier before the start time. By that time almost all the spots along the river banks are reserved! Next time it is advisable that you reserve your spot by putting up picnic mats with your name on it, at least the day before the event.

Adachiku Firework Festival Display

Here are a few pictures of the illuminated skies during the Adachi Firework Festival. It turned the plain black sky into a sky full of sparkles and colors!

Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming firework festival in Tokyo!