A clinical test of a potential vaccine for Covid-19 developed by Japanese pharmaceutical startup Anges Inc. will start today June 30 in Japan. According to AnGes, 30 people will be given the vaccine in the trial at Osaka City University Hospital. The Japanese Government has its full support on this said clinical test aiming to secure vaccines for 200,000 people.

As Yoshimura said on the conference, “I think this will be the first clinical test for the Covid-19 vaccine on humans in Japan”. According to Agnes Inc., the clinical test will be conducted at Osaka City University Hospital targets to start with 20 to 30 people and to increase by October.

The envisioned vaccine will inject a genetically engineered circular DNA into the body, which is expected to stimulate the immune system and make antibodies against the coronavirus. [1]

image credits to https://www.nippon.com/en/