As of Tuesday (May 20, 2021), Tokyo reported 5 new cases of coronavirus, the latest battle contributing to the active cases, still the city remains under a state of emergency.

On Thursday, the central government is expected to decide whether to lift the state of emergency for Tokyo, Osaka and 6 other prefectures. With the meeting held by the governors of Tokyo and 3 neighboring prefectures last Tuesday during a video conference, the still ask for residents cooperation to be alert, maintain social distancing and maintain preventive measures since more people are coming out of their homes.

Meanwhile, the government approved cash assistance up to ¥200,000 ($1,900) to post-secondary students whose income from part-time jobs has fallen due to store closures. About 430,000 people will benefit, including foreign students. “It’s most important for students not to abandon continuing and advancing their education. We’d like to quickly provide assistance to all,” education minister Koichi Hagiuda told reporters.[1]

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