Health Care Services in Japan

Heath care services in Japan are remarkable and most of the health care facilities are equipped with advanced technology. You can easily locate a clinic or hospital for each area of Japan.

If you are staying in Japan for a long time, if it is for work or residency reason you are required by the government to enroll in an health insurance system. Health insurance is a big help as it will cover almost 70% of your hospital expenses, although you will still be asked to pay the remaining 30%.

There are two health insurance system in Japan.

  • Employee’s Health Insurance

    This health insurance is required for those who are currently employed and working for an organization. The employer’s help their employees enroll in the health insurance system and the monthly fees are calculated based on the employee’s salary and are automatically deducted per month’s salary.

  • National Health Insurance ( NHI )

    This health insurance is for those who are self-employed and unemployed individuals staying in Japan. Foreigners who are also staying in Japan for at least three months and is not enrolled in the Employee’s Health Insurance system are required to apply for National Health Insurance.

For application you can visit NHI department at your local ward office. Don’t forget to bring your Residence card.

It is advised that Non-Japanese who will be staying in Japan for atleast three months should immediately process their application for Health Insurance System. Failure to acquire your Health Insurance at a later date will require you to pay for the months starting at your arrival date up to the date of your first month insurance payment.

For Clinic and Hospital location finder please visit Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information

Let’s Learn Japanese!

Sumimasen, chikaku no yakkyoku o shitte imasu kaExcuse me do you know a nearby pharmacy?
Zutsuuyaku wa arimasu kaIs there a medicine for headache?
Kazegusuri wa arimasu kaIs there a medicine for colds?
Igusuri wa arimasu kaIs there a medicine for stomach ache?
Hokenshou o omochi desu kaDo you have your health insurance card?

EnglishKanji (漢字)Romaji (ローマ字)
Headache頭が痛いあたまがいたいatama ga itai
Stomach acheお腹が痛いおなかがいたいonaka ga itai
Sore throat喉が痛いのどがいたいnodo ga itai
Body is itchy体が痒いからだがかゆいkarada ga kayui
Do not feel good気持ちが悪いきもちがわるいKimochi ga warui
Have a fever熱が在るねつがあるNetsu ga aru
Have a coughせきがでるせきがでるSeki ga deru
SneezingくしゃみがでるくしゃみがでるKushami ga deru
Have a runny nose鼻水がでるはなみずがでるhanamizu ga deru
Have chills寒気がするさむけがするsamuke ga suru
Catch a coldかぜをひくkaze o hiku
Hay fever / Pollen allergy花粉症かふんしょおKafunshoo
Health insurance card保険証ほけんしょおhokenshoo
Medical questionnaire医療アンケートいりょうあんけえとiryou ankeeto
Examination room診察室しなつしつshinatsushitsu
Pharmacy / Drug store薬局やっきょくYakkyoku