Mobile SIM

Japan is considered a very tourist friendly country. Although it has strict rules on almost everything, Japan have allowed SIM purchases for tourists to help them navigate the cities of Japan in the most convenient way.

Mobile SIM cards for tourists are only dedicated for data usage service. SMS and call services are not available on the Mobile SIM cards.

Upon arrival at the Narita Airport arrival lobby, you can easily spot the SIM card vending machines.

You buy your SIM card for 2,500~ Yen prices differ for every brand and the SIM card type. SIM card sizes are also available from the vending machine.

Service AvailabilityPriceData Allowance
7 Days3,726 Yen (tax included)100MB per Day
14 Days5,346 Yen (tax included)100MB per Day

For more information please visit Prepaid SIM for Japan website.

In case you forgot to buy your SIM at the airport you can also buy one at any convenience store in Japan.
It is cheaper than those SIM cards available at the airports.

You can choose from 2,656 to 4,094 Yen.

Service AvailabilityPriceData Allowance
30 Days2,656 Yen (tax included)1 GB
3 Months4,094 Yen (tax included)2 GB

This SIM is advised for those who plans to stay for several weeks in Japan.
For more information please visit Japan Travel SIM website.