You can choose how you want your mail items to be delivered from standard delivery to express delivery and you can also choose the type of item you want to send. Each item type has its own delivery specification.

For example for sending a letter, your letter should only be weighing 50g for standard-sized mail. If the weight exceeds 50g it is considered non-standard size mail.
You can check the delivery rates here International Mail Rates

For more information please visit Japan Mail Post International Mail.

Steps in correct Mail Address and Label format

Please refer to the image guide below with the corresponding section number for details.

  1. Sender’s addressAddress format
    1st rowFirst name, Last name
    2nd rowName of bldg., apartment bldg. and room number (if applicable)
    3rd rowHouse number, street, town / village
    4th rowCity, prefecture / state / province
    5th rowPostal code, country
  2. Stamp
  3. Recipient’s address
  4. Airmail labelIndicate delivery type for your mail. Write it in blue or black ink.

Japan Mail Post – Delivery Notice

In Japan legal documents such as My Number card delivery or bank documents are usually delivered through mail post.

On the day of delivery if you are at home, you will just have to sign and receive the document delivered to you.

In most cases especially during weekdays receivers who have work schedules are not able to receive the delivered documents.

What will the Japan Mail Post do to the unreceived document?

Japan Mail Post delivery staff will usually leave a delivery notice at your mailbox. It is usually a red delivery notice card.

On the delivery notice card you will see the delivery information like document name, sender name, time of delivery and the deadline of which you can request for a redelivery date of your item.

    • Make sure that you request immediately for the redelivery date before the deadline. If you fail to send a request for redelivery date Japan Mail post will return your item to the sender.
    • If the item is returned to the sender you will have to personally contact the sender and request to send again your item / document.

English contact information

Monday – Friday : 8AM-10PM
Saturday – Sunday : 9AM-10PM

Ways to make a redelivery request

    1. Request via Telehone Call

Look for the telephone number provided on the delivery notice, the telephone hotline is only attended by Japanese agents.

    1. Submit a request online

This is the easiest way for non-japanese to make a redelivery request.

Scan the QR code on the delivery notice and you will be redirected to the Japan Mail Post redelivery website form.

If you don’t have a QR scanner on your mobile phone you can just visit the link written beside the QR code.

The website is also in Japanese, I suggest that you use Google Chrome browser when processing your redelivery request online.

Google Chrome has a website translate feature that is a big help for non-Japanese to properly fill out the request form.

    1. Mail or Fax

Fill out the mail or fax section on the redelivery notice with the necessary information.

    1. Pick up the item at the Post Office

Please call the contact number listed on the redelivery notice card before going to the Post Office. Bring the delivery notice, proof of identification and your personal seal / hanko.

Let’s learn Japanese!

Japanese English

Sumimasen Amerika ni nimotsu o okuritai n desu gaExcuse me I would like to send this to Amerika.
Funabin de onegaishimasuSea mail please.
Sorekara, 80円kitte o 10 – mai kudasaiI would also like ten 80 yen stamps.

EnglishKanji (漢字)Romaji (ローマ字)
Postal Clerk 郵便局員ゆうびんきょくいんYubinkyokuin
Post Office 郵便局ゆうびんきょくYubinkyoku
Air mail 航空便こうくうびんKoukuubin
Sea / Surface Mail 船便ふなびんFunabin