EPARK Japan Online Reservation English – EPARK is a online reservation service in Japan. Almost all chain restaurants are listed on EPARK’s reservation system.

Through EPARK you can easily check the waiting time of the restaurant using your smartphone or PC. Once you have registered you can search the restaurant you wanted to visit, select a date and time reservation and viola! You can enter the restaurant on your reservation date without waiting in line!

There is just one downside of the app, it is only displayed in Japanese and not English. Luckily if you are using Google Chrome as your web browser it will allow you to translate any Japanese website page into an English web page. Click on below on how to translate Japanese web pages to English or any other language.

To enable Google Translate on your Google Chrome browser please refer to this link: Change Chrome languages & translate webpages.

Once Google Translate is enabled in your Google Chrome browser we can now translate any web page to English. First, click on the “Google Translate” icon on the upper right corner of the URL bar. A dialog setting will appear that lets you choose between “Translate” and “Options”, just like in the screenshot below.

The “Options” allows you to set Google Translate settings based on your needs. If you already set this to your translate language preference you can then proceed and click the “Translate” button.

Google Chrome - Google Translate
Google Chrome - Google Translate 2

Voila! The Japanese web page is now translated to your language preference, in this case it is translated in English.

Google Chrome - Google Translate 4

Below we tried to make a step by step guide on how to use EPARK Japan English, to make a reservation. Hope this can help you book your reservation!

Not yet registered on EPARK’s website? click the link below to register an account.

EPARK Member Registration: http://yourjapanjourney.com/epark-japan-online-reservation-english/

How to use EPARK for Reservation

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to EPARK’s website.

URL: https://epark.jp/

Enter the search keywords on the following text box.

  • Search Category – Select “Gourmet for Food”
  • Landmark – Enter the name of the place (e.g Shibuya, Shinjuku) or station name.
  • Search Keyword / Restaurant name – Enter the specific keyword that you want to search (e.g sushi / (restaurant name))

Click on the search icon and you will be redirected to the results page.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 2

On the search result click on the restaurant name to make a reservation.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 3

  • On the right side of the page, there is a displayed time that says “Available Reservation Time”, the time displayed on this section indicates the time that is available for reservation.
  • Click “Reserve Today” button to make a reservation today.
  • Click “Reserve Tomorrow” button to make a reservation tomorrow.
How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 4

On the next screen it requires you to select what kind of table to reserve.

The text in red says “Make a reservation for at least 2 persons. For 1 person please come to the store.” If your group is at least 2 persons you can tick the radio button. and click on the “Next” button.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 5

Select the “Reservation Date” and “Reservation Time” on the screen.

Click on the “Next” button to proceed to next step.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 6

Specify the “Number of Persons” for your reservation, minimum of “2” persons.

Click on the “Next” button to proceed to next step.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 7

Confirm your reservation details and click on the “Reserve” button to complete the reservation process.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Step 8

A confirmation message will show for your reservation and a “Cancel Reservation” link is available if you wish to cancel.

Lastly a copy of your reservation details is sent to your registered email address.

How to Use EPARK Japan English

Make a reservation today and skip that long waiting lines!