Despite the criticisms the government faced by their initial response of the outbreak, announced last Monday (May 25), Abe lifts nationwide coronavirus state of emergency. The state of emergency was initially announced last April 7 in Tokyo and nearby prefectures then expanded the order less than two weeks later to include the entire country.

He urged people to adapt the “new lifestyle” by being more vigilant based on the “three Cs” – avoidance of confined and crowded spaces, and close human contact to avoid the second wave of infections. Adding on these new lifestyle that people need to adapt is the manner of Teleworking. Teleworking can change people’s work styles and can avoid transporting on packed trains, especially in urbanized areas. “The lifting of the emergency does not mean the virus is gone or infections are down to zero. Our battle against the virus will continue.” Abe said at the press conference. “In just over a month and a half, we almost brought (the infection) situation under control.” Abe added.

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