Japan autumn forecast 2019, autumn season is perfect for travelling because of its perfect weather, it is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan. One of the four seasons in Japan, also known as “Koyo” viewing in Japanese. The  word “Koyo (紅葉)” refers to the changing of leaf color during this season. Over the years, autumn viewing has been a tradition in Japan. It is the same tradition for the spring season, in spring the main attraction are the cherry blossom while in Autumn, leaves change to the beauty of the stunning blend of yellow, orange and red of the season as the weather gets cold.

The most beautiful tree leaf to look out for during the season is the maple tree or “momiji” in Japanese.

The season typically starts in Japan, mid-September in Hokkaido, and going to Tokyo and Kyoto in mid to late November.

Most Japanese spend hours to drive outside the city and see the beautiful colors in the mountains. It is the best time to take outings and do picnics under the trees.

Few of the best viewing spots in Tokyo are Ginkgo Avenue – Meiji Jingu Gaien and Mt. Takao .

You can also check out the other best viewing spots in Tokyo below.

Japan Autumn Forecast 2019

Japan Autumn Forecast per Region/City

Hokkaido – mid October to early November

Tohoku – mid November to late November

Nagano – early November

Kamikochi – early November

Nikko – late Novermber

Hakone – mid November

Tokyo – late November

Nagoya – late November

Kanzawa – late November

Nara – mid November

Osaka – late November

Kyoto – late November

Kamakura – mid November

Japan Autumn 2019 Best Viewing Spots in Tokyo

Autumn in Tokyo starts in late November and ends in early December. Below are some of the top places to visit in Tokyo during Autumn Season: