A week after typhoon Hagibis battered Japan, two typhoons are again threatening Japan this week. Typhoon Neoguri is expected to brush Japan with heavy rain on areas affected by Typhoon Hagibis.

Neoguri is expected to spread several inches of rain across southern Japan through Tuesday. Although it is nowhere near the strength of Typhoon Hagibis, the rain may still trigger at least local flash flooding in the saturated areas.

As a news from Japan Times, at least 79 people were killed and 2,400 homes were damaged by Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon Neoguri - Typhoon Bualoi

The images below shows the path of Typhoon Neoguri and is expected to hit central Japan tomorrow, Tuesday (October 22). October 22 is decalred a public holiday as an observance for the Emepror’s Enthronement Ceremony.

JMA - Typhoon Neoguri

Typhoon Neoguri’s forecasted path by Japan Meteorological Agency.

On the other hand another typhoon on the Western Pacific Ocean is closing in on Mariana Islands.

According to The Weather Channel, Typhoon Bualoi is currently 200 miles east-southeast of Saipanin the Northern Mariana Islands moving northwestward. Typhoon Bualoi is expected to enter the waters of Japan by Thursday, October 24 and will close in mainland Japan by Saturday, October 26.

As of the latest forecast, Typhoon Bualoi is not expected to make a land fall in Japan..

JMA - Typhoon Neoguri

Typhoon Bualoi’s forecasted path by Japan Meteorological Agency.

For the latest updates on Typhoon Neoguri and Typhoon Bualoi, visit the Japan Meteorological Agency

If you are in Japan during the typhoon, visit the following links for information such as emergency hotlines, translated disaster-awareness documents and mobile disaster alert notifications.