After bracing for Typhoon Trami’s force, Japan is looking out for a possible Typhoon again this weekend. Super Typhoon Kon-rey (Typhoon No 25 as it is named locally in Japan), is forecast to take almost the same path as Typhoon Trami.

According to AccuWeather New, “Super Typhoon Kon-rey is currently equivalent to a Category 5 major hurricane in the Atlantic and east Pacific and will remain a dangerous tropical cyclone in the coming days”.

It will take a northwest track through Thursday heading to the Ryuku Islands, that suffered from of Typhoon Trami last weekend with damaging winds over 160 km/h.

Japan Meteorological Agency - Super Typhoon Kong-rey

Image is credited to Japan Meteorological Agency.

Super Typhoon Kong-rey impacts is forecast to take effect from Thursday to Sunday (Oct.4 – 7), damages such as flooding, damaging winds, dangerous seas and mudslides. Areas in Japan that lost power and residents evacuated because of Typhoon Trami may suffer the same difficulties again with Super Typhoon Kong-rey. Kong-rey is packed with damaging winds of 100-130 km/h and 125mm-300mm of rainfall from Thursday to Saturday.

The south of South Korea and western Kyushu and southwestern Honshu will face most of the severe weather from Super Typhoon Kong-rey, unleashing damaging winds and massive rainfall.

As forecast by AcccuWeather News “Southern Japan will dodge the heaviest rainfall from Kong-rey with most locations expected to receive less than 50 mm (2 inches) of total rainfall. The exception will be parts of eastern Kyushu and Shikoku where daily rainfall from Thursday into Saturday can total up to 125 mm (5 inches) can cause localized flooding.

Kong-rey will rapidly track toward the northeast passing near or over Hokkaido Sunday night. Despite weakening, Kong-rey will still bring the risk for localized flooding and damaging winds to Hokkaido during this time.”

AccuWeather News - Super Typhoon Kong-rey

Image is Credited to AccuWeather News.

Be alert and take precautionary measures in the coming typhoon this weekend! Check the links below for news website pages in English.

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This article is based on information provided by Japan Meteorological Agency , NHK news and AccuWeather News website.