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The Takayama Festival is one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan. This festival is held during spring and autumn in Takayama. Spring Takayama Festival also known as the Sanno Festival is held every year in the Hie Shrine (Sanno-sama) in the Kamimachi area, on the south side of Yasugawa Street (southern part of the Takayama’s old town).

This festival features Matsuri-Yatai festival floats display and parade, Karakuri Performance, Mikoshi Procession and Yomatsuri (Evening Festival which is held in the first evening of the festival and approximately 100 lanterns are lit on each float, and the floats are slowly paraded through the city).

Event Information

Event Date
VenueHei Shrine, Takayama (Gifu Prefecture)
AccessTakayama Station

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