Known locally as Daimonji,  the celebration during the height of the O-bon festival where the city’s surrounding mountains are lit up with five bonfires.

Three of the bonfires are lit in the form of Kanji, while the other two are shapes of a boat and a Shinto gate. It is said that the deceased family’s relatives rise from the spirit world for visits during August 16th, therefore Okuribi literally means, “send-off-fire”. To get the best view of all the bonfires, head to the center of the city: Nakagyo Ward. Or, you can also head one of the five mountains – Daimonji, Daikokuten, Funa Nishigamo, Daihoku-San, Okita and Mandara. The bonfire is lit between intervals of five minutes, starting at 8:00 PM on Daimonji mountain.

Source: Japan Cheapo

Event Information

Event DateAugust 16, 8:00 PM
VenueMiyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks
AccessDemachiyanagi Station (Keihan and Eizan Railways)

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