Miyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks festival started 400 years ago and lanterns were floated into the sea by people in the castle town in order to send off the spirits of the ancestors. Also, fireworks were set off in 1924 when the rail way was opened. Since then, it has been held regularly. About 10,000 lanterns are floated surrounding the boat for the spirits of the ancestors. The boat is floated by families in which someone has died since the last Bon period. After that, colorful fireworks explode into the vast sky. Marine Starmines constitute the finale of the Fire Festival where the sea and the sky become as if one. The Miyazu Dance is performed on the land to celebrate the wondrous, though, short summer.

Event Information

Event DateAugust 16, 19:30 PM – 20:20PM
VenueMiyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks
AccessMiyazu Station

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