Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is one of the top 3 biggest fireworks display in Japan during the summer season. The fireworks festival started in 1946 to mourn for the 1,500 people who died during the bombing in World War II.

The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is held for 3 every year from August 1 to August 3 in banks of Shinano River near the Oteo Bridge with thousands of people attending. There are 20,000 fireworks for 2 nights in total to illuminate the night with different shapes like volcanoes, bouquets, Niagara Falls and chrysanthemum.

August 1: Mikoshi (portable shrines) Parade, Toro Nagashi (floating paper lanterns down a river) and Traditional Dance Processions
August 2 and 3: Fireworks Festival

The main highlight of the fireworks festival is the “Pheonix” which is five minutes with Ayaka Hirahara’s song, “Jupiter”. This song is written after the disastrous earthquake in 2007 to lift up local spirits.

Event Information

Event DateAugust 1 to 3, 2021
VenueShinano River
AccessAbout 20 minutes on foot from Nagaoka Station (1.6km)

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