Eisa is a dance performed during the O-bon holidays as a way to remember, pay respect, and to send off ancestors. Youth associations from each Aza (neighborhood, region) parade through the communities while dancing the Eisa. Originally, you would only be able to see the dances in each of their own particular communities, however, thanks to the Zento Eisa Matsuri, you are able to witness them all in one spot. Capping off the final night is a wonderful fireworks display, so you can enjoy this summer festival from beginning to end.

This is the largest Eisa festival, showing not only the traditional performances that have been hand selected from the youth associations, but also the creations performed by innovative Eisa dance teams. The very first festival was held in 1956 in contest form and from 1977 onwards it became its current festival form. It has never been canceled for any reason, meaning it has been ongoing for over sixty years now.
Why not take part in the last summer festival of the beautiful Okinawa islands?

Source: OH! Matsuri

Event Information

Event DateAugust 23rd through 25th, 2021
Held annually the following weekend of Okinawa O-bon holiday (July 13th ~ 15th, according to the old Japanese lunar calendar)
Venue1chome 1-1 Uechi, Okinawa City (Venue for the first day)
2chome 1-1 Moromizato, Okinawa City (Venue for the second day and last day)
Okinawa City Koza Sports Park, Athletic Stadium
AccessSonoda Bus Stop
Line: There are multiple lines accessible to the venue. Almost every line heading towards Okinawa City will stop in the vicinity.It is a 5 to 10min walk from the nearest bus stop to the festival grounds.
AdmissionTickets Needed for Bleacher Seats Only
SeatsAdvance ticketsSame-day tickets
SS seats(Reserved seating)¥2,500¥3,000
S seats(Reserved seating)¥2,200¥2,700
SA seats(Reserved seating)¥1,500¥1,800
A seats(Reserved seating)¥1,200¥1,500
B seats(Main grandstand wing sections・Free seating)none¥1,000

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.