Sumiyoshi Matsuri festival also called as “Oharai” is one of the greatest summer festivals held in Osaka and the last to celebrate. This festival happens over three days (30th July – 1st August) around Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. Aside from that, Sumiyoshi festival also  involves nagoshi harai shinji ritual wherein participants (women and children) processions through a straw rope ring wearing Muromachi period costume.

Event Information

Event DateJuly 30(Tue) – August 1(Thu), 2021

July 30: Yoiyama Festival

July 31: Annual Grand Festival

Aug 1: Procession of portable shrines

VenueSumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
Access From Nearest Station3 min walk from Sumiyoshi-Taisha station on Nankai Line.
Hankai Tramway Hankai Line Sumiyoshi-Toriimae Station is about 2 minutes walk from Sumiyoshi-Koen Station.

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