Those flowers seem to be Cherry Blossom but nope, those are Plum Tree Blossoms, which are as beautiful as Sakura. In Chita City, Aichi Prefecture, there a festival for Plum Tree Blossoms called “Souriike Plum Blossom Festival”, which is held in Souri-midoritohana-no-fureai Park near the larged pond called “Souriike”. With approximately 5,400 trees with 25 different species, you can enjoy walking on the part seeing these beautiful plum tree blossom which starts to bloom from mid-February and ends until mid-March.

Event Information

Event DateMid-February to Mid-March 2020
VenueSouri-midoritohana-no-fureai Park (Aichi Prefecture)
AccessYawatashinden Station

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.