Notice: The dates and details for this event are not yet confirmed. We will continue to give updates once all details are confirmed.

“Setsubun” means “division of the seasons”, the festival is celebrated to mark the end of winter and the day before spring begins. Setsubun is an old age Japanese ceremony that is believed to drive evil spirits away from the house.

May people dress as demons and herded out of establishments and houses by the bean-throwing occupants – the festival is said to be a lot of fun and several festivals are held all over Japan.

Omizukumi festival will be held at 3PM-9PM and Goma daki starting at 6PM and the Lion parade starting around 6:30PM.

Event Information

Event DateFebruary 3, 2021
Event Schedule3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
VenueDojima Yakushido
AccessNearest station – Kitashinchi

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.