Toka Ebisu is the first major festival in Kyoto. “Toka” means the 10th day and Ebisu is the god of good fortune and prosperity.
The festival actually lasts for 5 days from January 8 to 12 and January 10 as the center of the 5 day celebration.

Many people buy branches of lucky bamboo grass, called Fuku-Zasa which has benn blessed in a special ritual by a shrine maiden. They then buy more lucky charms and talismans, which they attach to the bamboo branch.
During the event flock into the Ebisu Shrine to conduct a simple ritual of prayer for ongoing success in their work and business.

Event Information

Event DateJanuary 1-12, 2020
Event ScheduleTuesday: 9AM-11PM

Wednesday: 9AM-12AM

Saturday: 9Am-2PM

VenueEbisu Shrine
AccessGion Shijo

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.