Celebrated in spring, the Heijokyo festival is a chance to travel back in time. Nara hosts a this three day event that recreates all events of life at the time with a visual spectacle celebrating its more than 1,300 years of history. With traditional ceremonies (re-enactments of imperial guards and a noble banquet), a lot of activities to participate in (children workshops), and a variety of different entertainment. There will also be food stalls and market open for the three day event.

Event Information

Event DateMay 3 to May 5, 2021
Event Schedule10:30am – 4:30pm
VenueHeijō Palace
Access1.3 km from Yamato-Saidaiji Station

  • Kyoto Line (Kintetsu) (B26)
  • Kintetsu Nara Line (A26)

1.6 km from Shin-Ōmiya Station

  • Kintetsu Nara Line (A27)

1.9 km from Heijō Station

  • Kyoto Line (Kintetsu) (B25)
Official Websitehttp://tenpyosai.jp/

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.