The Nada Kenka Matsuri is a 2 day yearly festival in October held at Matsubara Hachiman Shrine in Himeji City. This is referred to as a “fighting festival,” where teams bash against each other with portable shrines weighing more than two tons.

Festival is divided into 2 days:

1st day

  • 7 teams representing different city districts carry yatai floats transported to the shrine between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m

2nd day

  • Known as the main fight, as teams of young men carry three huge mikoshi shrines through the streets and jostle against one another in the area around the shrine from 9am until midday. This will be continued at 1pm and again at 4:30pm.

Due to the high level of violence of the events, only men aged between 16 to 45 are allowed to carry the floats and shrines. Women and older men are prohibited to participate.

Event Information

Event DateOctober 14 – 15, 2021
VenueMatsubara Hachiman Shrine
AccessThe Nada no Kenka Festival is easily accessed via JR Himeji Station.

Matsubara Hachiman Shrine is a short walk from Shirahama-no-miya Station, which is on the Sanyo Dentetsu Line and well-connected to Himeji Station.


*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.