“Nagasaki Kunchi” is the autumn festival of the Nagasaki Uchigami “Suwa Shrine”.  The Nagasaki Kunchi Festival starts from October 7 – 9, 2021. The schedule of events are as follows:

Events on October 7

The opening performance is at Suwa Shrine and starts at 7:00 on October 7. The festival will then move from the Kokaido-mae Plaza to the Otabijo (a place where a deity is thought to stay temporarily after leaving Suwa Shrine) to be performed once more. Following the end of the morning dedications, performances are also held in front of companies, government offices, and private homes in the city.

At 16:00, a dedicated dance called “Kunchi no Yube” will begin at Suwa Shrine. Afterward, the performers will move to Kokaido-mae Plaza for more performances.

Events on October 8

A dedication performance is held at Yasaka Shrine (Japanese) at 7:00. It will then be performed once more at Kokaido-mae Plaza. Following the end of the dance, performances will be held again in front of companies and homes in the city.

Events on October 9

The first performance of the day will be at the Otabijo at 7:00. Afterward, the procession will move to Suwa Shrine to perform once more.

If you want to explore going to each venue, tram are a must for moving around Nagasaki. Fare are in flat rate of 120 yen for adults and 60 yen for children. You an also purchase a one-day train pass for 500 yen (adults) and 250 yen (children).

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Event Information

Event DateOctober 7-9, 2021
Venue and AccessSuwa Shrine

  • Address: Nagasaki, Nagasaki, Kaminishiyamamachi 18-15
  • Access: Take the tram bound for Hotarujaya from Nagasaki Station, then exit at the bus stop in front of Suwa Shrine.


  • Address: Nagasaki, Motofunamachi 10-4, Next to Yumesaito
  • Access: Take the tram bound for Akasako or Shokakuji and alight at the Ohato stop.

Yasaka Shrine

  • Address: Nagasaki, Nagasaki, Kajiya 8-53
  • Access: Take the tram bound for Sofukuji Temple and exit at Sofukuji Temple.

Nagasaki Kokaido-mae Plaza

  • Address: Nagasaki, Nagasaki, Uonomachi 4-30
  • Access: Take the tram bound for Hotarujaya, then exit at Kokaido-mae.

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.