The annual Uji Cha Festival, which is the most suitable for tea ceremony Uji, is held in the Uji River area from the morning of the first Sunday of October. This is a memorial to the retribution of the first tea ceremony from China to Japan, Megumi Ueto who opened a tea plantation in Uji, and the three ancestors of the founder of the tea ceremony. In addition, it is a historic and fun event to pray for the prosperity of Uji tea.

A long time ago, Toyotomi Hideyoshi had a tea party by drawing water from the Uji River, so he picked up fresh water from the Uji Bridge “Sanma” with a fishing bottle hung on a palm rope, moved it to a bamboo tube, and dressed in costumes reminiscent of that time. By the procession, it is carefully transported to Kosho-ji Temple on the right bank where tea is held.

When the famous water is transported to the main hall of Koseiji by the procession, a “tea ceremony” is performed. Put the new tea picked this year, seal until the day of the tea festival, cut the mouth of the bowl that was served in front of the Buddha, finish it to matcha with a stone mortar, tea in hot water using the famous water between the three pumped up At the same time, the tea ceremony will be given to Chaso, and the reading will be conducted in Kenninji, Kyoto, which was established by Eisei Zen Master.
Every year, many tourists and people who run the tea industry come to Uji to watch this “tea ceremony”.

Event Information

Event DateEvery First Sunday of October (9AM – 3PM)
VenueKōshō-ji Temple
AccessNearest station Uji Station
AdmissionUji Tea Festival Participation Fee: 200 – 3,000 JPY

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.