Kyoryuchi is the shortened name for the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement in Oura – an area that dates from the late 1850s, when “treaty settlements” near a number of port cities in Japan were opened to foreign traders, missionaries and scholars.

This annual festival celebrates the many and varied influences the foreign settlement had on Nagasaki. The festival features a bazaar, choir performances. art workshops, a stamp rally, a chess tournament, a Scottish pipe band as well as food and drink.


Event Information

Event DateSeptember 14 – 16
VenueGlover Garden
VenueNagasaki City Glover Garden
AccessAbout 3-5 minutes on foot from Oura Catholic Railway Stop (bus stop).
Take the tram / Nagasaki station stop to Sofukuji and get off at Shinchi-Chukagai stop. It takes about 15 minutes to go to Ishibashi.
Take the Nagasaki Bus / Nagasaki Station East Exit Bus Stop for Tagami and Ohirabashi, and take approximately 25 minutes to the Oura Catholic Church bus stop.
About 8 minutes from the car / Nagasaki station.

*All event details are subject to change. We will keep you posted for any necessary changes.