Spring time is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. it is one of the four season in Japan. It is after the cold winter season and before the hot summer season. In this season, trees and flowers starts to have leaves and bloom flowers, and we think that it symbolizes new beginning or rebirth after a cold season.

Japan is one of the MUST countries that you should visit during this season. Japan is known for its beautiful sceneries during this season. And ofcourse, Japan is also known for their different types of Cherry Blossoms that bloom during spring time.

Having said that, here some of the interesting facts about Japan’s Cherry Blossoms.

Cherry Blossom is Japan’s National Flower

Cherry Blossoms or what they also call “Sakura” in Japanese, is Japan’s National Flower which blooms every Spring season in Japan. But more that this, this flower symbolizes “renewal” and “hope”.


During Spring season, when there are already Cherry Blossoms, it is a tradition in Japan that families, friends or groups of people having picnic under Cherry Blossom trees. This tradition is called “Hanami” in Japanese which means “flower viewing”.

200 Cherry Blossom Types


Cherry Blossom type in Japan is not just one or two or three because there are more that 200 different types of Cherry Blossom that you can see here. One of the most popular type is the “Somei Yoshino” which is believed that it is native from Nara.

Cherry Blossom in Himalayas

Himalayan Cherry Blossom

According to Hufflington Post article, Before there are Cherry Blossoms in Japan, they originated from Euroasia specifically in Himalayas and immigrated to Japan thousands year ago before the prehistoric period.

Not only Pink


White Cherry Blossoms

Many people don’t know that Cherry Blossoms are not only pink in color. They bloom other than just pink color depending on their type. Other colors are white, yellow and other colors.

Lasts for one week

Full bloom Cherry Blossom Tree

During Spring Season, usually Cherry Blossom flowers lasts only for one week that the flowers fall and the trees starts to grow leaves. So if you will visit in Japan during this season, make sure that you read the forecast for Cherry Blossoms when will the start to bloom.

Best-Selling Fragrance in America

Unbelievably, in 2016, the best-selling fragrance in America us the “Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom” according to House Beautiful article. This fragrance sells up to 30 million units every year.

National Cherry Blossom Festival

National Cherry Blossom Festival is not celebrated in Japan. It is celebrated in Washington D.C. during the spring season to commemorate the gift of the Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. These trees where given by the Mayor of Tokyo City, Yukio Ozaki on March 1912 to strenghten the friendship of USA and Japan. This is festival is also celebrated the friendship of the two countries.

Sakura Zensen


Cherry Blossom Trees in Ueno (Spring 2018)

Sakura Zensen or Cherry Blossom front in english, is the advance of the Sakura in Japan. Every year, Japan Meteorological Agency records the opening of Cherry Blossom trees until when it will become full bloom from every part in Japan, from Kyushu to Hokkaido.

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