National Symbols are used to best represent a country. They are also the things that the country is well-known for. They intend to unite the people in one nation. Now, do you know the Japan’s National Symbols? Let’s find out!

Take the quiz and find out if you know the National Symbols of Japan!

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#2. What is Japan’s national fish?

Koi is Japan’s National Fish

#3. Which of these flag is Japan’s national flag?

The 4 image is Japan’s National Flag

#4. What is the National Anthem of Japan?

Kimigayo is Japan’s National Anthem

#5. What is Japan’s National Stone?

Jade Stone is Japan’s National Stone

#6. Japan’s national bird is…

Green pheasant is Japan’s National Bird

#7. Which of these is Japan’s national symbol for flower?

Cherry Blossom is Japan’s National Flower, but according to our research, Chrysanthemum is also Japan’s National Flower.

#8. What is Japan’s national fruit?

Persimmon is Japan’s National Fruit

#9. Which of these is Japan’s national instrument?

Koto is Japan’s National Instrument

#10. Japan’s national currency is…

Yen is Japan’s National Currency

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