Less than 2 weeks after the Prime Minister Abe declared state of emergency to seven prefectures, he has extended the declaration of state of emergency from seven prefectures to the whole country of Japan due to fast spreading of coronavirus. He said that the virus has been also spreading in six prefectures; Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Ishikawa, Gifu, Aichi, and Kyoto, to the same extent as in the seven prefectures where the state of emergency originally applied. The state of emergency will remain until May 6 of this year.

The Prime Minister said the government had included in its economic package a cash handout of 300,000 yen, or roughly 2,800 dollars, per household for families whose income has fallen significantly. But Abe said he now thinks the government should broaden the scope of people entitled to a cash handout. He said he will ask the ruling parties to hold discussions to provide 100,000 yen to every person in the country in place of the 300,000 yen payment. The prime minister explained this is because everyone in the country will be asked to live under various restrictions, such as avoiding non-essential outings. (According to NHK)

Japan Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak

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