Spring is one of the most anticipated season in Japan.

In Spring time, the weather is warm and everything seems to be fine.

Here are some of the Spring vocabularies that you may hear or use in your stay in Japan.

Let’s start 2021 right, new vocabularies, new learnings! 

Did you remember what you just have read? I bet, Spring vocabulary is easy one for you!

Let’s find out!

Play the quiz below and see how much you remember.

Let’s start!

There are 10 questions. Get 5 or more, you pass. Get less than 5, better luck next time.
Make sure you don't cheat! Again, guessing is okay. May the luck be with you! Good Luck!

0 to 2 point - Better luck next time!
3 to 4 points - Almost there!
5 to 6 points - Good job!
7 to 8 points - Great job!
9 to 10 points - Excellent job!

#1. “Cherry Blossom Viewing” in Japanese

Correct Answer: HANAMI (はなみ)

#2. “Spring” in Japanese

Correct Answer: HARU (はる)

#3. “kafun (かふん)” in English

Correct Answer: POLLEN

#4. “Hana” (はな) in English

Correct Answer: FLOWER

#5. “Cherry Blossom” in Japanese

Correct Answer: SAKURA (さくら)

#6. “Spring Break” in Japanese

Correct Answer: HARUYASUMI  (はるやすみ)

#7. “shunbun (しゅんぶん)” in English


#8. “atatakai (あたたかい)” in English

Correct Answer: WARM

#9. “Spring Season” in Japanese

Correct Answer: HARUNOKITSETSU (はるのきせつ)

#10. “Flower Petal” in Japanese

Correct Answer: HANABIRA (はなびら)

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