For a first timer in Tokyo, maybe you are wondering when is the best season to visit. No worries ‘cos we got an answer to that! The best season to visit Tokyo or even the whole Japan is the Spring Season. Why? Here is a quick guide on what to expect, see and do during your first time visit in Spring in Tokyo.

Spring season is one of the most awaited season in Tokyo or in Japan as a whole. It is also our most suggested time to visit Tokyo. When people hear the word Spring, particularly in Japan, the first thing that come to their mind is Cherry Blossoms which is Japan is known for. Visit Tokyo during Spring time and see the the capital of Japan bloom in the colors of white and pink. And see also the whole Japan blooms from March to May.

Spring Season Months and Temperature

Spring season in Tokyo (and Japan as a whole) starts from the months of March until May. During these months, temperature will start cold then going warmer. For the month of March, which is the coldest month during Spring, the average temperature is from 14°C and can drop up to 5°C. For April, the average temperature is from 19°C and can drop up to 10°C. While the month of April is the hottest during the season with an average temperature of 23°C to 15°C.

Cherry Blossom Forecast

Every year Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) share their Cherry Blossom Forecast or also known as Sakura-Zensen. Their forecast includes when it will start to bloom and the best viewing dates. Remember that you have to be updated on the forecast because there are chances that the first forecast will be different to the next forecasts for the Spring season. It’s important to be updated so that you will not miss the beauty of these Sakura.

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2020:

What to Wear

Since the weather and temperature from March to May differs, there are several things that you should consider of what clothes you should bring and wear:

  • March still cold so you have to bring clothes that make you warm as possible like coats, thick jackets, and etc.
  • When April comes, it is the weather becomes warmer, so you can already wear thin jackets, thin coats, and even t-shirts and shorts.
  • May is the month where you can wear shirts and shorts.

Always remember that, comfort before style.


Hanami or flower viewing in English is a Japanese tradition where Japanese (families, officemates, friends) have picnic under Cherry Blossom trees (most of the time when full bloom). There are also people who do Hanami at night. This is called Yozakura.

Seasonal Foods

During Spring season, there are many cherry blossom flavored food that you can try. Here are some those: