Get ready Mario lovers! The world’s first Super Nintendo World theme park is set to open inside the Universal Studios Japan on Febraury 4, 2021. The opening will now coincide with the park’s 20th anniversary celebration.

3 main interactive attractions:

  • Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge –
    Guests will race throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, throwing shells and taking names with Mario and the gang.
  • Yoshi’s Adventure –
    Guests will enjoy a view of the Mushroom Kingdom from Mount Beanpole.
  • Power-Up Band Key Challenges –
    Power-Up Bands are wristbands with innovative technology that link to your smartphone via the USJ app. The bands help you keep score, collect virtual coins and stamps, and check your rankings. You’ll need one to participate in the Key Challenge, where you work through games around the area helping Peach retrieve the Golden Mushroom stolen by Bowser Jr.The Power-up Bands come in different colours and cost JYP 3200 each at the park.

Bloomberg got an early look at Super Nintendo World theme park, including the Mario Kart ride