source: NHK

According to Prime Minister Suga, the Japanese Government considers issuing another state of emergency for Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures in order to control growing number of new cases. New cases rise on those areas with extremely high in numbers for the first three days of this year 2021. This new declaration is believed to last for about a month.

He added that this should be taken seriously at all cost, so it is necessary to send a strong message to the public. The four governors urge the public to refrain from non-essential outings starting at 8pm, Thursday. “The situation has entered a completely different stage. It is necessary make efforts to reduce the risk of infection, including by significantly curbing the movement of people, and reducing social contact.” said Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko

More than 3,300 cases were reported across Japan on Monday. Over 3,600 people in Japan have died since the pandemic began.