VIP Ticket – Fastpass

Tokyo DisneySea VIP ticket Fastpass allows you to avoid waiting on long lines for each Tokyo DisneySea attraction. It is available on ticket kiosk usually beside or in front of attraction entrance. There is no required additional fee for getting a VIP ticket Fastpass

How to get Tokyo DisneySea Vip ticket Fastpass? Just place your Tokyo DisneySea Park ticket on the QR scanner of the Fastpass kiosk. Wait for the light indicator to turn green then after the machine finished scanning, your VIP ticket Fastpass will come out of the kiosk slot.

Check the time of your Fastpass, the time indicated on the pass is your schedule for the attraction you got for a Fastpass. Don’t miss out your time!

*Important reminder! You can only get your next VIP ticket – Fastpass on an interval of 2 hours.

Plan which attractions you want to ride and check if it is included on the list of attractions that allows you to get VIP ticket – Fastpass. Check the lists of available Tokyo DisneySea VIP ticket Fastpass attractions.

You can also follow our sample trick to maximize your Tokyo DisneySea VIP ticket Fastpass and ride almost all the attractions.

How to Maximize your Tokyo DisneySea VIP ticket Fastpass

Tokyo DisneySea Park opens at 8:00 AM, it is better that you are inline for the park entrance before 8AM because the line can be really long.

  1. Our first VIP ticket Fastpass attraction is the “Tower of Terror” we got our ticket from the kiosk 8:40AM but our VIP ticket Fastpass is already 12:15 PM 🙁 .
  2. While waiting for our next VIP ticket Fastpass, we line for “Nemo SeaRider” which took us almost an hour.
  3. By 10:40AM our ticket is allowed to get a VIP ticket Fastpass and we got one from “Indiana Jones, Temple of Crystal Skull” (2:30PM)
  4. After our second VIP Fastpass ticket, we headed for “Tower of Terror” for our VIP Fastpass ticket time (12:15PM).
  5. Then next “Magic Lamp” theater we got a VIP Fastpass ticket for (3:30PM) after getting a ticket we went back for “Indiana Jones Temple of Crystal Skull” and use our VIP Fastpass ticket at #3.

At around 3PM almost all Tokyo DisneySea VIP ticket Fastpass attraction kiosk were already closed. By this time you can maximize your remaining time before the Fantasmic (starts 8:00PM) by riding the remaining attractions such as Raging Spirits, Mermaid Lagoon theater, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Toy Story Mania.

Attractions marked with red star are our recommended VIP Fastpass ticket attractions.

Valid Fastpass ticket.

Tokyo Disney Sea - Temple of Crystal Skull

Invalid Fastpass ticket.

Tokyo Disney Sea - Journey to the Center of the Earth

Tokyo Disney Sea VIP Fastpass Attractions

Tokyo DisneySea - 20,000 League Under the Sea

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Explore the fantastic under the sea world of Atlantis in Captain Nemo’s submarines and see it’s ancient creatures. This ride is a little bit boring for thrill seekers but it satifies your eyes with the magical display underwater.

Thrill Rating: ★★

Duration: Approximately 5 mins


Tokyo DisneySea - Indiana Jones Temple of Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones Adventure : Temple of the Crystal Skull

Indoor thrill ride with Indiana Jones, this is must try ride in all of Tokyo DisneySea! Make sure to check the boarding restrictions first before falling in line. The ride vehicles moves at high speed inside the dark Temple, open your eyes even if it is a little scary when the vehicle boosts on speed.

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 3 mins


Tokyo DisneySea - Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This attraction is situated literally in the “Center of the Earth”, it is inside the park’s centerpiece Mount Prometheus. The ride’s top speed is at 75 km/hr! During the ride the volcano crumbles and erupts when it reaches the peak of the mountain.

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 3min


Tokyo DisneySea - Ariel's Playground

Mermaid Lagoon Theater

Enjoy the musical show with Airel and friends, ofcourse under the sea theme!

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 14 mins


Tokyo DisneySea - Nemo Searider

Nemo and Friends SeaRider

Explore the wondrous world of marine life in Nemo and Dory’s point of view in 4D! More of a kids ride but it makes you hold on to your seat!

Thrill Rating: ★★★★

Duration: 5 mins


Tokyo DisneySea - Raging Spirits

Raging Spirits

High-speed roller coaster ride with a 360 degree loop!

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 1.5 min


Tokyo DisneySea - Magic Lamp Theater

The Magic Lamp Theatre

3D Magical show with the greatest magician and Genie!

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 23 mins


Tokyo DisneySea - Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

The name “Tower of Terror” really means something. Ride on the Tower’s elevator up to the penthouse and see all an amazing view of all the Tokyo DisneySea park. Be aware of the thrill shock that awaits you!

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 2 mins


Tokyo DisneySea - ToyStroy Mania

Image is from Tokyo Disney Resort

Toy Story Mania

Ride with 3D film effects, rotates and spins, play through carnival games inside and shrink into the size of a toy.

Thrill Rating: ★★★★★

Duration: 5 mins


Single Rider

Save time and effort without the need to get Fastpass! Head to Fastpass entrance and tell the cast member that you are a “Single Rider”. They will immediately let you proceed to the ride without the need to wait on the long lines!

Only two attractions allow Single Riders:

  1. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (Lost River Delta)
  2. Raging Spirits (Lost River Delta)