Tokyo Metropolis is one of the busiest cities in the world, it has the largest metropolitan area by far. From the high rise city line to the traditional gardens and shrines found in every district, Tokyo Metropolis embraces the old traditions and the new trends in technology development. It is the home of anime, most delicious sushi, bowls of Ramen, beautiful cherry blossoms and of course the vendo machines that is in every corner you pass by.

Looking back in the year 1869, Tokyo Metropolis was one of the largest cities in the world called “Edo”. It was strengthen by the Edo Clan and 200 years later, it was there that the famous Edo Castle was established. When Tokugawa Ieyasubecame Shogun and made it his home town during the year 1509, Edo became the center of government. Until in the year 1869 – 1943 after the reign of the Shogun, Emperor Meiji moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Edo was renamed to “Tokyo” Metropolis which means “Eastern Capital” and from there it became the official capital of Japan.

1923 an earthquake struck Tokyo, it was called the “Great Kanto Earthquake”. The damage was unimaginable that it changed the face of Tokyo. The damage gave Tokyo a new opportunity to rebuilt its city from the ashes and rubbles.

After the Great Kanto Earthquake and the World War II, construction of buildings and network of train stations began, which is now the primary way of transportation in Tokyo.

In 1943 the city merged with the Prefecture of Tokyo into Tokyo Metropolis, it was successfully rebuilt and chosen to host the Summer Olympics 1964. After the war Tokyo’s population counted only 2.8 million and in 1970s due to the massive development of Tokyo the population climb up to 11 million.

Today Tokyo Metropolis continues to grow and build its city without forgetting its long tradition and culture. For travelling Tokyo Metropolis offers a vast choice for shopping, dining and entertainment, you’ll never ran out of activities to do in Tokyo. For those who are considering to work or live in Tokyo, the opportunities are great and currently Tokyo is one of the safest city to live in.