Serious coronavirus cases hit record high

On Monday, a new record of number of seriously ill patients in Japan with COVID-19 was reported. The number of seriously ill patients went to 472. According to Health Minister Tamura Norihisa, "The [...]

Latest Japan travel restriction

Entry permission to Japan Foreign travelers included on the 152 countries and regions with existing travel restrictions who plan to visit Japan for short-term stay like recreational activities or tours during this pandemic [...]

Hokkaido Autumn Foliage Forecast

Autumn season is just around the corner! The feel of cool and crisp air starts to blow over Japan, leaves of the trees starts to change in orange color. Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture [...]

  • Best Autumn Spots in Tokyo

Best Autumn Spots in Tokyo

Autumn season is just around the corner! The feel of cool and crisp air starts to blow over Japan, leaves of the trees starts to change in orange color. I am sure everyone wants [...]

  • Autumn Forecast 2018 - Your Japan Journey

Japan Autumn Forecast 2020

Japan Autumn Forecast 2020, this year autumn season will be late. Autumn season is perfect for travelling because of its perfect weather, it is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan. One of [...]

Common Japanese Phrases

Are you planning to go Japan? But first, are you prepared to go to Japan? One way to prepare is to know the common Japanese phrases that you can use on your visit. And [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak in Japan

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). A novel coronavirus (nCoV) is [...]

Japan’s PM Abe lifted State of Emergency across Japan

Despite the criticisms the government faced by their initial response of the outbreak, announced last Monday (May 25), Abe lifts nationwide coronavirus state of emergency. The state of emergency was initially announced last April [...]

Covid19: Tokyo has reported 5 new cases

As of Tuesday (May 20, 2019), Tokyo reported 5 new cases of coronavirus, the latest battle contributing to the active cases, still the city remains under a state of emergency. On Thursday, the central [...]

Japan’s state of emergency extended nationwide

Less than 2 weeks after the Prime Minister Abe declared state of emergency to seven prefectures, he has extended the declaration of state of emergency from seven prefectures to the whole country of Japan [...]

Tokyo 2020: Postponed to 2021

Due the Coronavirus pandemic or the COVID-19 pandemic situations in Japan and around the world, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach and the Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan has [...]

  • Wisteria Tree Japan-Real life Avatar Tree of Souls

Great Wisteria Festival, Ashikaga Flower Park

Japan is famous for beautiful Sakura displays during early spring, but did you know there are other beautiful flowers to watch out for during Spring like the Wisteria Festival? Other than the Sakura, Wisteria displays [...]

Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast 2020

Spring time is almost here! We`re sure you also have in mind `When is the best time to visit Japan for the Cherry Blossoms ? Well, we got you covered, below are the Japan [...]

TOKYO 2020: Olympic Torch Relay

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay is not just for runners, but for everyone. As the sacred flame and people’s hearts come together, the divine flame will burn even brighter. “The Olympic Torch Relay [...]

Winter Illumination Spots in Tokyo

As the song lyrics say, "It's the most beautiful time of the year...". Christmas is also winter time in Japan! It is "Ber" months already, it means it's Christmas Season, are your Christmas Lights [...]

Things to do in Japan this Autumn Season

Autumn is one of the most awaited season in countries with four seasons like Japan. It is the second spring where flowers are the leaves that changes into autumn colors. Also, it is the [...]

  • Tokyo-2020-medals

TOKYO 2020: Olympic Medals unveiled

Photo by: KIMIMASA MAYAMA, EPA-EFE With exactly one year before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, during the opening ceremony on July 24, 2019 (Wednesday), official medal designs for the olympic games were unveiled, designed [...]

  • Japanese Tea Time

TEA TIME!!! All About Japanese Tea

Japanese Tea, Tea or お茶(おちゃ/ocha)is one of the things that Japan is well-known for. The most commonly known tea in Japan is green which is also the most consumed kind of tea. Tea has [...]

  • Best Free Instagrammable Spots in Tokyo 2019

Best Instagrammable Spots in Tokyo 2019

Tokyo is probably one of the most photographic cities to fire up that camera shutter and post that Instagrammable photo on Instagram. Every corner of Tokyo has something unique and scenic that will make [...]

  • Helpful-Information-for-First-Timers-in-Japan_cover

Helpful Information for First-timers in Japan

Helpful information for first-timers in Japan that you should know before visiting the country is a must, so let's start! Visiting a country that you're not familiar with in all their aspect like culture, [...]

  • How to Properly Cook Monjayaki

How to Properly Cook Monjayaki

Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) is another popular Japanese local food that is famous in the Kanto region / Japan’s capital, Tokyo. Monjayaki is quite similar to Okonomiyaki, the only difference is the consistency of the batter [...]

  • How to Properly Cook Okonomiyaki

How to Properly Cook Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) is a popular local dish in Japan, a simple savory go-to food for most Japanese. As simple as it may look but when it comes to cooking okonomiyaki, it becomes a little [...]

6 MUST-SEE Festivals in Tokyo during Summer

Summer Season in Japan is almost here. Wondering what to do in Tokyo during the summer season? No problem, we got you! The summer season in Tokyo is also the festival season. Matsuri or [...]

  • Shimoyoshida - Mt. Fuji Street Photo

Trending Mt. Fuji Street Photo

How to go to Kawaguchiko Station from Tokyo? How to go to Shimoyoshida from Kawaguchiko Station? Best Cheap Hotels to Stay in Kawaguchiko So, there is this trending Mt. Fuji street photo [...]

Olympic Fun Facts

TOKYO 2020 Olympics will be starting soon. But did you know when was the first Olympics was held? Where was it held? If no, don't worry, we will give you some of the interesting [...]

  • inside-teamlab-borderless-cover

Inside TeamLab Borderless Mori Building

A one of a kind digital art museum in Tokyo is making a buzz on social media worldwide. Let's take a look inside TeamLab Borderless Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo. [...]

TOKYO 2020: Ticket Rules

As the ticket lottery has begun, for Japan Residents, did you already applied for it? If yes, what kind of ticket did you applied for? If no, you have until May 28. 2019 to [...]

  • How to Buy Movie Tickets In Japan

How to Buy Movie Tickets In Japan

Staying in Japan for quite some time is the best experience of my life. Some activities I tried is going to the movies and I was surprised that they also screen English dubbed movies. [...]

TOKYO 2020: Ticket Types

Are you already excited for TOKYO 2020 on both Olympics and Paralympics next year? I bet, you wanna watch your favorite sports live. You can do that, ticket sales will be starting soon. But [...]

TOKYO 2020: Ticket Lottery

Japanese Olympic Committee announced on Thursday (April 04, 2019) that the registration for Tokyo 2020 ticket lottery will start this May 09, 2019, Thursday, 10:00 AM and ends on May 28, 2019, Tuesday. Note that [...]

  • Japan Golden Week Travel Tips

Japan Golden Week Travel Tips

Japan Golden Week is a week-long holiday in Japan, it consists of consecutive calendar holidays from the end of April until the first week of April. The holidays usually start on April 29 – [...]

  • Dancing Pikachu Parade 2019 cover 2

Dancing Pikachu Parade 2019 Yokohama

Last year’s Dancing Pikachu Parade or Pikachu Outbreak made a buzz all over the world with dozens of Pikachu and Eevee marching around Yokohama landmarks. Who can resist this massive cuteness right, will you [...]

Types of Japanese Ramen and Toppings

Are you a fan of eating Ramen? Have you already ate an authentic one from Japan? One of the thing that Japan is well-known off are their authentic ramens. Japanese Ramen is one [...]

Summer Firework Festival in Tokyo 2019

When spring ends and summer starts in Japan, one festival that stands out is the Hanabi Festival translated in English, Fireworks Festival. Summer Firework Festival in Tokyo 2019 starts in July until August. [...]

Sakura Flavored Food and Drinks: Japan

It's Spring time! It only means that IT IS ALSO CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME (SAKURA TIME)! In Japan, Sakura is not only famous for its beautiful flowers with different varieties but also it is famous [...]

  • EPARK Japan English

How to Use EPARK Japan English

EPARK Japan Online Reservation English - EPARK is a online reservation service in Japan. Almost all chain restaurants are listed on EPARK's reservation system. Through EPARK you can easily check the waiting time of [...]

Japanese Etiquette: Chopsticks

Chopsticks etiquette is also a big YES in Japan! You also have to be conscious of how you use chopsticks in Japan. There are some things that you need to remember what you should do or [...]

  • How to Find Lost Items in Japan

How to Find Lost Items in Japan

How to find lost items in Japan? If you lost something in Japan, don’t worry! the chances are good that you’ll get it back. Thanks to the honesty of people in Japan and the [...]

Let’s Learn Japanese: Action Words Vocabulary

Are you ready for another vocabulary? We think that this vocabulary is one of the important things to know when you want to visit Japan. You can hear these common action words everywhere in [...]

  • Tokyo Admission Free Observation Decks

Tokyo Admission Free Observation Decks

Tokyo has probably the most extensive skylines in the world and a better way to see Tokyo's skyline is from an observation deck. Luckily there are a few Tokyo admission free observation decks across [...]

GO-KARTING in Tokyo Streets

FIRST STOP: Are you eligible to try Go-Kart?  Japanese/Japan Driving License  SOFA Driving License for US Forces Japan Passport with Foreign driving license Passport with An international driving Permit SECOND STOP: Choose where do [...]

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Official Venues

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Official Venues

Tokyo 2020 Olympics official venues are mostly located within Tokyo, good thing for the spectators because they don't need to travel a long way to go from one Olympics venue to another. The farthest [...]

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics ID

How to Register for TOKYO 2020 Olympics ID

How to Register for TOKYO 2020 Olympics ID? Residents of Japan can register on Tokyo 2020’s online platform in order to obtain a TOKYO 2020 ID. With the said ID they will be able [...]

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ticket Information

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ticket Prices

After 56 years, Japan will again be hosting the much-awaited Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games from July 24 – August 9, 2020, and the Paralympic Games from August 25 – September 6 of the [...]

Things You Need To Know About TOKYO 2020

TOKYO HOSTED THE SUMMER OLYMPICS FOR THE SECOND TIME EMBLEMS MASCOTS MEDALS SPORTS Games of the XXXII Olympiad or popularly known as the 2020 Summer Olympics or Tokyo 2020 is [...]

Dos and Don’ts in Japan: Tips for First Timers

Japan is one of the most welcoming and friendly countries that you can ever visit in the world. It is also rich in beautiful traditions, cultures, breathtaking tourist spots and of course, their cherry [...]

  • Hokkaido Maruha Bar - Best Donburi Bowl!

Hokkaido Maruha Bar – Best Donburi!

Hokkaido Maruha Bar is a shop originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido that is known for their award winning Mochi Buta Karubi Donburi bowl (カルビ丼) . Opening their branch in Ueno-Okachimachi on 2012, they began to [...]

Let’s Learn Japanese: Spring Vocabulary

Spring is one of the most anticipated season in Japan. In Spring time, the weather is warm and everything seems to be fine. Here are some of the Spring vocabularies that you may hear [...]

Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination

Caretta Shiodome is a shopping and dining centre located in Minato-ku in Shiodome. It has also housing cultural facilities like the first museum in Japan for advertisement which is the Advertisment [...]

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Facts

Spring time is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. it is one of the four season in Japan. It is after the cold winter season and before the hot summer season. [...]

Japanese New Year Traditions

New Year  (shogatsu or oshogatsu) is one of the most anticipated day in Japan. It is one of their most important holidays that they celebrate. Usually, most of the business are close from January 1 to January [...]

Let’s Learn Japanese: New Year’s Vocabulary

After Christmas Vocabulary, it's now time to give you the New Year's Vocabulary. But first, here is the very short history of new year in Japan. Japanese more celebrate the New Year's Holiday and [...]

  • Christmas in Japan: Fun Facts to Know

Christmas in Japan: Fun Facts to Know

Every year everyone is looking forward to celebrating the happiest and merriest season of all, Christmas! In Japan Christmas is also celebrated but not as a religious celebration, as there aren’t many Christians in [...]

Let’s Learn Japanese: Christmas Vocabulary

Christmas season has officially started! And now, it is just around the corner! We hear Songs playing anywhere, Light blinking in every houses, Trees with many decorations. So, we thought that it's time to [...]

  • Autumn Color Status - Koishikawa Korakuen

Autumn 2018: Koishikawa Korakuen

Japan autumn color status for Koishikawa Korakuen in Tokyo. Koishikawa Korakuen is on e of the famous spots to see autumn colors in Tokyo. As of November 25, 2018 this is autumn color status in [...]

  • Tenmasa Tempura - Ueno, Okachimachi

Tenmasa Tempura – Ueno, Okachimachi

Tenmasa Tempura is a local Tempura shop in Ueno, Okachimachi, Tokyo. Unlike tempura tendon food chain Tenya, Tenmasa Tempura is not so famous for tourists. One reason is the location, it is located inside [...]

Autumn 2018: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a large garden in Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan and one of the largest in Tokyo. It is one of the best cherry blossom and autumn spots that you can visit. Inside [...]

  • EPARK Japan English

EPARK Japan Online Reservation English

EPARK Japan Online Reservation English - EPARK is a online reservation service in Japan. Almost all chain restaurants are listed on EPARK's reservation system. Through EPARK you can easily check the waiting time of [...]

Let’s Learn Japanese: Dates Vocabulary (Part 1)

Let's learn simple Japanese words again! And this time, listed below are the Japanese Dates Vocabulary. Are you ready? Another easy words to learn in Japanese are the words related to dates like days [...]

  • Conveyor Belt Sushi - Kurasushi

Conveyor Belt Sushi – Kurasushi

Japan is home to the best sushi in the world, but not all sushi should hurt your budget just like the “conveyor belt sushi”. The most famous conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo is Kurasushi, [...]

Let’s Learn Japanese: Family Vocabulary

Learning starts from ourselves. Our family is the most important for us. A common family consists of a mother, father, and their child or children. Do you want to know what are the corresponding [...]

  • Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

The year is about to end and probably most of you, travelers are already planning your next year’s trip! Eyeing to visit Japan? Tokyo particularly this coming spring season? Here is the list of [...]

Trick or Treat: Halloween in Tokyo 2018

TRICK OR TREAT: Will visit on Japan this season of Halloween and you want to go to events to celebrate this occasion? Wondering where to find these events? No problem, we've got you covered! [...]

What to wear in Japan during Autumn

Since, it's Autumn season now in Japan, are wondering what to wear in Japan during Autumn? Are the clothes you want to wear during your visit are appropriate during this season's weather?After booking the plane [...]

  • Japanese Events and Festivals

Japanese Events and Festivals

Tokyo Jazz Festival Free Harajuku "The Yosakoi" Oedo Soran Festival 9:30am – 5:00pm Free Kiba Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine Festival 12:00pm – 8:00pm Free Shimokitazawa Keyaki Beer Festival Free Saitama City Philippine Festival 2018 9:00am – 5:00pm Free Hibiya Kichijoji Autumn Festival 2018 10:30am – 6:00pm Free Kichijoji Meguro Sanma Matsuri 10:00am – 2:00pm Free Meguro [...]

Japan Facts: Quiz

As we know, Japan located in the continent of Asia and it is one of the most advance countries in the world. It is the 62nd largest country in the world with 364, 485 [...]

Japan’s National Symbol Quiz

National Symbols are used to best represent a country. They are also the things that the country is well-known for. They intend to unite the people in one nation. Now, do you know the [...]

Yamanote Line Stations Animal Spin Wheel Quiz

The Yamanote Line (JY) or 山手線 (Yamanote-Sen) in Japanese, operated by East Japan Railway Company, is a railway loop line in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most important lines because it is connected [...]

Yamanote Line Stations Fun Facts

The Yamanote Line (JY) or 山手線 (Yamanote-Sen) in Japanese, operated by East Japan Railway Company, is a railway loop line in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most important lines because it is connected [...]

Japan Data SIM or Pocket WiFi

Most travelers today think and plan whether to get a mobile data sim or a pocket WiFi, in their travel destination. In Japan public Wi-Fi are not usually free, causing a little stress for [...]

  • Japanese Wind Chime Festival

Japanese Wind Chime Festival

“Wind Chimes” in Japan are called “Furin (風鈴) ” it symbolizes the start of summer season in Japan. Japanese Wind Chime Festival are a major event during summer all over Japan. Like in other [...]

Ueno’s Asian Underground Market

You want to cook an Asian Cuisine but you don't know where to buy ingredients? Worry no more because we got you! We have an answer to your problem! Visit the Asian Underground Market [...]

Adachi Firework Festival 2018

Year 2018 was the 40th Annual Adachi Firework Festival, 13,000 fireworks will illuminate the sky along the Arakawa River banks. Adachi Firework Festival will be the first firework festival to take place this year [...]

Ramen Museum Japan

The famous Ramen Museum Japan is located in Yokohama. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum was established on March 6, 1994, as the world's first food-themed park. The Museum's first concept was to be a one-stop place [...]

  • Mitama Matsuri in Yasukuni Shrine

Mitama Matsuri in Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) is one of the Shinto shrines in Tokyo, Japan. It is located in the Chiyoda special ward in Tokyo. This shrine commemorates those who died in service of Japan back when there was [...]

  • Japan Free Fast Food Coupon

Japan FREE Fast Food Coupons!

Well who knew? Tourists visiting Japan can avail Japan free fast food coupons! This was made possible by the smart phone app "Smart News", the app's main service is to provide international news to [...]

10 Tips To Enjoy Your Visit in Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is one of the most popular amusement park in Japan, located in Urayasu which is in Chiba Prefecture. This is why, Tokyo DisneySea is a crowded place. Every tourists or if not, almost [...]

  • Tokyo Disney Sea Fastpass Ticket

Tokyo Disney Sea VIP Ticket – Fastpass

VIP Ticket - Fastpass Tokyo DisneySea VIP ticket Fastpass allows you to avoid waiting on long lines for each Tokyo DisneySea attraction. It is available on ticket kiosk usually beside or in front [...]

Yamanote Line Map: Landmark Guide

The Yamanote Line (JY) or 山手線 (Yamanote-Sen) in Japanese, operated by East Japan Railway Company, is a railway loop line in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most important lines because it is connected [...]

  • Tokyo Unlimited Train Pass

Tokyo Unlimited Train Pass

For most tourists they know or you know that Tokyo is a little bit expensive for tourist to travel in. Luckily Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway offers commuters an unlimited train pass.  The unlimited [...]

How to charge your Japan train pass

When your card runs out of charge / load you can easily add charge in any train station that you are in, a easy as getting a new train pass, PASMO or SUICA. Generally most [...]

  • Japan Train Pass

How to get a train pass in Japan

If you are travelling to Japan you might be thinking of "How to get train pass in Japan". In Japan the primary means of getting around the cities and prefectures is by train. Commuting [...]

Nikkō Tōshō-gū: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Nikkō Tōshō-gū (日光東照宮) is a  Tōshō-gū Shinto shrine located in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was registered as a World Heritage site in December 1999. Tōshō-gū Shrine is the resting [...]

Tokyo DisneySea : Happiest Place on Earth!

Tokyo DisneySea earth's happiest place, is one of two Disney theme parks inside Tokyo Disney Resort.  The main theme of the park is about sea explorations and adventures. Tokyo DisneySea is themed into seven [...]

  • spring-2018-ueno-park-2

Spring 2018 : Ueno Park 上野公園

Ueno Park is one of the biggest park in Tokyo which is famous because of the museums situated inside the park and the beautiful sight it makes during spring time. Ueno park houses more [...]

  • Best Autumn Spots in Tokyo - Ginkgo Avenue, Meiji Jingu Gaien Park

Ginkgo Avenue, Meiji Jingu Gaien Park

Ginkgo Avenue, located in the Meiji Jingu Gaien park, the avenue is famous for its beautiful ginkgo trees which turns into a  beautiful yellow color during the autumn season. The avenue is 300m long [...]

  • gingko mount takao shrine

Mt. Takao Day Hike

Planning a day hike activity while in Japan? There are a number of mountains that is ideal for hiking activities one of which is Mt. Takao (Takaosan). Located in Hachioji Tokyo, [...]

  • Yumenoshima-2017-Halloween-Pumpkin-Month
  • Yumenoshima-2017-Halloween-Pumpkin-Month
  • Yumenoshima-2017-Halloween-Pumpkin-Month

Halloween Pumpkin Month Celebration, Yumenoshima 2019

The celebration of the 2019 Halloween Pumpkin Month in Yumenoshima has just started. Yumenoshima Park is also known as the Dream Island, a reclaimed landfill and dumping ground in Tokyo Bay. The pumpkins are even [...]

  • your-japan-journey-koishikawa

Koishikawa Korakuen

Koishikawa Korakuen is one of the oldest garden in Tokyo, it was preserved from the Edo period (1603 - 1868). It is a few minutes walk from Tokyo Dome. Behind the hustle and bustle [...]

  • your-japan-journey-ueno

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is one of Japan’s public park, located in Taito, Tokyo, Japan. The park opened in 1873 as declared by the Cabinet decree along with the other parks: Shiba, Asakusa, Fukugawa and Asukayama [...]

  • your-japan-journey-sanja_matsuri
  • your-japan-journey-sanja-matsuri
  • your-japan-journey-sanja-matsuri
  • your-japan-journey-sanja-maturi
  • your-japan-journey-sanja-matsuri

Asakusa Sanja Matsuri

Sanja Matsuri is one of the Shinto Festivals in Tokyo. The event is held on every 3rd weekend of May. The festival is celebrated for 3 days, on which the major parades are held [...]