Ueno Park is one of Japan’s public park, located in Taito, Tokyo, Japan. The park opened in 1873 as declared by the Cabinet decree along with the other parks: Shiba, Asakusa, Fukugawa and Asukayama Park. Ueno park is famous to tourists visiting Japan. Why?

  • Ueno park is home to over 1000 Sakura trees, during spring season it really attracts a huge number of visitors. The view that these Sakura trees give during the season is just breathe taking, which explains the park’s popularity.
  • It is very accessible, from Narita airport you can directly get on a train ( Kesei Skyliner / Kesei Main Line for Ueno ) straight to Ueno subway station which is just under the park itself!


Tokyo National Museum, National Museum for Western Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and National Science Museum.

Bentendo Hall Temple, Kaneiji Temple, Pagoda Keneiji temple ( 5 story pagoda ) and Kiyomizu Kannon-do temple.

Ueno Zoo which the home of Lili and Shinshin panda with their new born panda cub.

How to get there?

From Narita airport take:

  1. Kesei Skyliner to Ueno – Express train
  2. Kesei Main Line to Ueno – Semi Express train
  • 2 minutes on foot from Ueno station
  • 5 minutes on foot from Ueno-Okachimachi station on Oedo Line
  • 1 minute on foot from Keisei-Ueno station
Address〒110-0007 Tokyo, Taito, Uenokoen, 5-20
Business Hours5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Admission FeeFree
Tips: The best time to visit the park is late March to early April which is in time for the Sakura season.