If you like traveling and food tripping at the same time, Japan is one of the best countries for you.

Japan or what they call, “The Land of the Rising Sun” is one of the safest and advanced countries in the world. It is very well-known for its breath-taking Cherry Blossoms during Spring Season and magical colors during Autumn Season. Not only that, but it has also many beautiful tourist spots that you can visit in any season you want like the perfect cone-shaped, Mt. Fuji and for its rich culture. But wait there is more, for travelers that have the motto “Food is Life”, Japan has many delicious foods to offer. Sushi, Ramen, Tonkatsu, Yakiniku, and Tempura are just a few of the many delicious foods and their famous dishes around the world.

If you will visit in Japan, these are legit Japanese food/dishes that you MUST try during your stay:


It is not new to us that when we hear the word Sushi or we see sushi, it is instant that the first country that comes into our mind is Japan. It is one of their famous dishes across the world. A visit to Japan will not be complete if you will not try their legit sushi, especially in a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

If you will visit in Tokyo, here is one of the conveyor belt sushi that you can go to: Kurasushi: http://yourjapanjourney.com/conveyor-belt-sushi-kurasushi/


Japanese Ramen-Types-Flavor-tonkatsu

You can find the most legit and most delicious Ramen in Japan. They have many ramen types and flavors that you can choose and not only that, you can also choose the ramen toppings to add other tastes.  Ramen is a wheat noodles bowl served in a different kind of soups like soy sauce, meat or chicken broth and miso soup. There are many ramen restaurants that you can go to. One of the famous restaurants is ICHIRAN.


Tenmasa Tempura - Ueno, Okachimachi

Tempura is a Japanese dish usually consisting of seafood (especially shrimp) or vegetables that have been battered and fried. These are not just simple tempura that you can see in different parts of the world, Japanese tempura is a must try tempura because of their size and tasty flavor. One tempura restaurant that we’ve tried and we always come back is the Tenmasa Tempura in Ueno-Okachimachi.


If you are just looking for snacks, Japan has it also. One of their famous snacks is their Takoyaki. It is ball-shaped wheat flour with diced octopus or a whole squid and some veggies in it cooked in a molded pan.


Okonomiyaki which means “cooked how you like it’”  is the Japanese version of pancake is a mixture made with flour, yam, and egg or other ingredients. Its name is derived from “okonomi” which means “how you like it” and “yaki” which means “cooked”.


Aside from Sushi, Sashimi is also a famous food in Japan that you eat uncooked. It is a fresh raw fish, seafood or meat which is served with wasabi and soy sauce. The name “sashimi” means “pierced body”.


Yakiniku, which means “grilled meat” is the Japanese version of barbeque. It is bite-size meat and vegetables which is grilled. Meat is usually beef or offal. Yakiniku is referred to as Japanese Barbeque in many parts of the world. For some or maybe most of the restaurants in Japan, Yakiniku has an expensive price. Another good thing is that you will be the one to grill it!

Shabu Shabu

Shabu shabu is one of the Japanese nabemono (variety of Japanese pot dishes) dish which consists of thinly sliced meat, vegetables such as mushroom, garlic, and etc, and other food.