Since, it’s Autumn season now in Japan, are wondering what to wear in Japan during Autumn? Are the clothes you want to wear during your visit are appropriate during this season’s weather?

After booking the plane tickets and hotel, the next thing that we prepare is our everyday clothes or what the “millennial” call, OOTD (Outfit of the Day). If you’re next trip is in Japan, maybe you’re wondering if what are the best clothes to wear in each season in Japan since it has four seasons. And, it is also little difficult to figure out the temperature if you’ve never been to the country you want to go.

First, let’s us know what is the forecast temperature during Autumn season on Japan.

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Now that we know the forecast temperature, here are our best clothes suggestions that you can wear during your Autumn season visit in Japan.


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You can bring any jacket that you want like Denim jacket, hoodie jacket, leather jacket, waterproof jacket or just a simple jacket.


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After giving you our best suggestions, We’ve searched some of the autumn OOTD’s that we’ve picked the best for you.

Pick you best outfits! As the saying goes,

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality”
Shawn Ashmore

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