Why Autumn Season?

Autumn is one of the most awaited season in countries with four seasons like Japan. It is considered as a best season to visit and explore the wonders of Japan. Autumn is the season of gorgeous fall foliage, traditional festivals, and delicious food. Japan comes alive in fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow in Autumn.

Here are some of the facts on why you should visit Japan during Autumn Season:

  • Walk through the beauty of nature by seeing the magical sight of autumn colors (shade of red, orange, yellow and gold)
  • Enjoy hot onsen baths
  • Numerous festivals to enjoy with
  • Comfortable travel and relatively dry weather across the country
  • Fewer crowds at tourist attractions and popular cities

Cheaper accommodation and airfare (compared to cherry blossom season and summer)

What is the temperature during this season?

Temperatures tend to be around 23ºC to 28ºC (73°F to 82°F) in the afternoon and drop to about 18ºC to 21ºC (64°F to 70°F) in the morning and at night.

Afternoon temperatures range from 19ºC to 23ºC (66°F to 73°F), and morning temperatures tend to be around 14ºC to 18ºC (57°F to 64°F).

Afternoon temperatures are about 14ºC to 18ºC (57°F to 64°F) while morning and evening temperatures are 7ºC to 12ºC (45°F to 54°F).

Source: https://matcha-jp.com/en/1332

Where can I find the Best Autumn Spots in Tokyo?

We listed below the best autumn spots in Tokyo that you can visit to enjoy the autumn views of the city.

What to wear in Japan during Autumn?

Layers are the secret to dressing for autumn weather in Japan. Even in the northern cities, the midday highs in October are often warm enough for t-shirts and pants. But temperatures drop during the mornings and evenings, making a jacket essential. The most important things is to style and dress comfortable. You wouldn’t want to ruin our day with uncomfortable clothes, right?